Why Disgen?

We cover the capital cost

Receive all the benefits of solar without any of the hassles, or the cost

Disgen was founded to deliver clean solar power to our clients, with no upfront capital cost

Around 50% of power costs are transmission costs (ie: poles and wires). At Disgen we generate solar power at your place of business, which means you don’t pay these transmission costs.

Disgen shares the value of lower costs with our clients with a discounted power price. We then apply the balance of the saving to pay for the installation and ongoing maintenance of the system.

commercial solar

Reduce your costs with Commercial Solar

Disgen designs, installs and pays for solar power systems on commercial roofs. Disgen solar power is cheaper than grid power.

Disgen manages everything for you

Disgen’s dedicated project manager takes care of approvals, inspections, install, utility connection, as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance.



Our Solar Technology

Our expert engineers source the best in solar technology solutions. Disgen’s engineers will take care of installation and ongoing upgrades, including to new technologies such as batteries, adding more value.

Why Choose Us

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    Disgen will install a solar power system at no capital cost to you

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    Reduce your power bills to rates lower than the grid and only pay for the solar you use

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    We service and maintain your solar power system to ensure maximum performance

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    Enhance progress towards carbon neutrality

Our Process


Send Disgen your power bill and existing contract with your power retailer.

Disgen assesses the project to look for win/win. If your project is eligible, Disgen presents you with a proposal offering cheap, clean power.


After signing an agreement with all parties, we begin the design of your solar power system.

Disgen manages the project and pays for the installation.


Electronic monitoring and billing system shows your saving on power cost and carbon emissions from Day 1.

Our Solar Technology

There are a huge range of solar power systems on the market. This is why our expert engineers have sourced the very best in solar technology solutions. System selection also depends on your location, roof-space and energy use. Disgen’s engineers will take care of all aspects, ensuring the very best system with the highest efficiency available at the time of installation.

Who Maintains the System?

We also take care of all the ongoing maintenance of your solar power system, to ensure it runs efficiently for years to come. This is our commitment to you.

Eligibility Requirements

So we can ensure that we are a right fit for your business, we have power usage eligibility requirements, as follows. If you are not sure, please just get in touch with us.

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    Power usage

    Minimum 100 kWh(units) power use per day

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    Power cost

    Minimum 20c per KWh peak power cost

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    Roof space

    Minimum 100 square metre unshaded roof space

Need help? Got a Question?

Contact Disgen to arrange a custom consultation or send us your current power bill to find out how much you could be saving!

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